Our Space


Our Space is designed to provide a place for people to gather, to sit a while, and to have a stress-free, quitely amazing experience. The intention throughout is to shine a light on the people, the heritage, and the life of the region.

The building that houses our brewhouse has served a number of uses over the years. In 1901 it became a blacksmith shop run by Charles Kelly, a business that was still operating here into the 1960s. Kelly’s attention to his craft is still evident throughout the building, including his kiln and the mount for the tools that remain where he put them all those years ago.

​​Our hand-crafted premium beer is brewed in small batches in our Canadian-made brewhouse. Our brewing philosophy is to keep our ingredients simple and our processes to a minimum to make beer that allows the flavours and aromas to shine through. Of course, all our beer is brewed with no additives and no preservatives. The way it should be.

Whether you’re heading through the locks on a summer day, following the sled trails in the depth of winter, or anything in between, we’re here.

Hope to see you soon.