Our brewery


The custom-made brewhouse is designed by Canadian-owned and operated, Criveller Group, from Niagara, Ontario. The tanks (Brewhouse, Fermentors, and Brite), as well as the 15-BBL (barrel) system, means Fenelon’s beer portfolio is quickly growing with new seasonal flavours available exclusively at the brewery and select licensees across Ontario.

Craft beer from ‘tank to tap’ remains the focal point of the taproom and we continue to serve the freshest beer possible straight from our tanks made right here in Fenelon. 

Our brewing vision is to make beer styles very approachable, catering to the laid-back style found in the Kawarthas. From our flagship brands, such as our Vienna Lager and West Coast Red Ale, to our award-winning Belgian Farmhouse Saison, we’re committed to creating truly unique flavour profiles that let the natural ingredients shine through.