Supporting the Kawartha Watershed: Brewing for a Greener Future

Since 2019, we’ve been partnering with Kawartha Conservation to create the Kawartha Summer Ale. Through sales of this beer, we’re able to donate a portion of proceeds in support of the Kawartha watershed environment. This partnership helped Kawartha Conservation to plant more than 1,300 trees across the Kawarthas, including many species of at-risk trees.

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BrüClean: Brewing Success with Sustainable Wastewater Treatment

We’ve invested in our own onsite wastewater treatment system, the BrüClean, to treat all our wastewater. By using BrüClean to perform onsite wastewater treatment, we’re able to continuously grow our brewery without negatively impacting our local environment, ensure we’re getting consistent wastewater conditions, and reduce the burden on the community and our local wastewater treatment facility.

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Harnessing Nature's Essence: Brewing with Kawartha Lakes' Finest Water

The water filtration system in our brewery is key to providing customers with the best quality products made with the least amount of waste. This filtration system allows us to use local water from the Kawartha Lakes in the production of our beer and provides the benefits of its natural minerals, which improve the taste of our beer, preserve natural resources, and support our local economy.


Nurturing Communities: Farmers and Breweries Unite for Sustainable Agriculture

Our partnership with our community offers local farmers free spent grain — a byproduct of the brewing process — and nutritional livestock feed. By the time we’ve extracted most of the sugars, proteins, and nutrients from the grain to make beer, what’s left is a mass of ground kernels—the perfect livestock feed. This natural cycle of recycling reduces waste and preserves natural resources, as well as offers local farmers a supply of nutritional feed for livestock.