BreweryNewsThe Brewer’s Series: Sour Flemish Red

December 1, 2021by Fenelonbrewco

Belgian TraditionalsSour Flemish Red

Fenelon Falls Brewing Co. is releasing The Belgian Traditionals, a set of four (4) new beers from the Brewer’s Series. The Belgian Traditionals are a line of traditional and historical Belgian-inspired beers. The fourth and final beer from the series is the Sour Flemish Red.

The Sour Flemish Red is our variation of the Flanders Red, which is indigenous to the Western Flanders region near the Belgian-French border. Flanders Red is spontaneously fermented before it is aged for up to several years. In our variation of the style of beer, it sours and is aged in wood after the conclusion of the fermentation process.

Our Sour Flemish Red has a flavour that is filled with continued notes of dark fruit and red wine grapes, with additional compliments of vanilla, toast, and chocolate hiding just below. It has a moderately smooth body, lasting lactic linger, and a tart puckering sour atop of higher carbonation. 

This beer has a strong fruit aroma consisting of black cherries, red and black currants, and blackberries, similar to the aroma of a light red wine impression such as a cabernet sauvignon or merlot.

The Belgian Traditionals consist of four (4) beer releases that are released in 500-mL Bottles available exclusively from the brewery’s retail Bottleshop.

About the Belgian Traditionals: 

The first time around, with the original Brewers Series, we developed beers based around using lager strains, all of which introduced brand new or lesser-known historical styles. This new series will focus on the latter, with our take on traditional and historical Belgian beers. Belgian beers have stronger, spicier, or more effervescent notes; this is all due to the uniquely cultivated yeast strains from the area. Over time, these strains were experimented with, eventually creating dryer, (generally) stronger styles.

About the Brewer’s Series: 

Fenelon Falls Brewing Company is introducing new sets of beers under the label “The Brewer’s Series.” It is meant to create something new, or more often, forgotten. To experiment with audacity, invigorating for an audience eager to try the new and what’s new again. A chance to stand out, or bring in what’s unfamiliar. Connecting to the past of brewing, forging new pathways for the future. New ingredients, known styles re-imagined, or beers you may not commonly find amidst the growing brands in the local store are among the possibilities.