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October 18, 2021by Fenelonbrewco

The Brewer's SeriesBelgian Traditionals

The Brewer’s Series is back with its latest set of beers: The Belgian Traditionals. This small-batch series will feature 4 beers inspired by traditional and historical Belgium beer. These new beers will feature new ingredients, known styles re-imagined, and beers you may not commonly find amidst the growing brands in the local store.

Our goal at Fenelon Falls Brewing Co. has always been not to compete, but to build a scene where people can indulge in the experiment, and ideally learn something new. This was the goal when creating the newest addition to The Brewer’s Series: The Belgium Traditionals. 

When developing the original Brewer’s series, we focused on beers using lager strains, all of which introduced brand new or lesser-known historical styles. This new series will focus on the latter, with our takes on Traditional and Historical Belgian beers.

“When it comes to history, the first two countries you primarily hear of are Germany and England. Many of the modern styles seen on the market can trace their origins to a brand from either country. Belgian, on the other hand, is just as historically influential, but criminally underrepresented in the premium beer market,” says Head Brewer, Russell Gibson. 

Belgian beers are known to have stronger, spicier, or more effervescent notes; this is all due to the uniquely cultivated yeast strains from the area. Over time, these strains were experimented with, eventually creating drier and generally stronger styles. The Belgian Traditionals were created to highlight the unique flavours associated with Belgium beers, and bring more representation of them to the premium beer market. 

The series will consist of four (4) beer releases and will be released in 500-mL bottles available exclusively from the brewery’s retail Bottleshop.

The scheduled release of the Belgium Traditionals: