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October 5, 2021by Fenelonbrewco

Working to improve sustainability

We were featured on the first episode of Water Stories from ECONSE! Check out the video to learn how we handle wastewater treatment at Fenelon Falls Brewing Co.

Sometimes, breweries opening in small communities can overwhelm the local water treatment plant. This happens because beer brewing involves the use of a lot of water, which increases the amount of water that needs to be treated at the wastewater treatment plant. That’s why we use the BrüClean system, to treat our wastewater and reduce the burden to the town. This allows us to use Kawartha water straight from the lakes in our beer, and make sure we’re sending it back in the end in the best condition possible.

Onsite wastewater treatment helps us to manage our wastewater treatment onsite,  allowing us to continuously grow our brewery without negatively impacting our local environment. By performing onsite wastewater treatment, we can ensure we’re getting consistent wastewater conditions, while also ensuring we cause no extra burden to the Fenelon Fall wastewater treatment facility. 

Check out the video to learn more about how we deal with wastewater treatment, the impact it has on the community, and for an inside look at the daily task of our Head Brewer.